Rachel Hamilton


Auckland based, Christchurch born singer/songwriter Rachel Hamilton has become a well recognised name in the local music scene, sought after for corporate functions and performing at over 100 national and international weddings. In a combination of sweet but expressive vocals often said to have its own unique hook, her music will have you entranced, setting the perfect tone for any occasion. Developing her songwriting craft for more than a decade, Rachel brings heartfelt, honest lyrics together with catchy pop melodies to create her unique sound. With this deep knowledge of music, Rachel also has a memorised set list of over 100 popular covers suited for any age, occasion and setting.

After picking up the guitar at age 13, she has gone on to perform on radio and television shows, including What Now, The Erin Simpson Show and 95bFM. She was a top 5 finalist in the esteemed ‘Songwriter of the Year’ competition, and has lead songwriting workshops in Auckland high schools, as well as with music teachers from across the country.

Graduating from the University of Auckland with a Bachelor of Music in 2016, Rachel is currently spending her time travelling Aotearoa and performing primarily at weddings, corporate functions, bars and intimate venues for original music.

In 2019, Rachel announced her artist project ‘Bridges’, with a debut single being released on all digital platforms in October 2019. You can follow Bridges on Instagram: @thisisbridgesmusic.