Rachel Hamilton


Christchurch born singer/songwriter Rachel Hamilton has become a well recognised name in the local music scene and is fast becoming a popular performer, songwriter and musician on the rise. In a combination of sweet but expressive vocals often said to have it’s own unique hook, and a variety songs encapsulating contemplative tunes and catchy pop melodies, each song will leave you either entranced or toe tapping. Her passion for story telling through music brings strong elements of country and folk to her lyrical songwriting with her emotive, heartfelt lyrics built on personal experience.

After picking up the guitar at age 13, she has gone on to release 2 original singles on iTunes – one reaching no. 34 on the top 200 NZ pop charts, made performances on radio and television shows such as ‘What Now’, all while constantly performing live. She has also become a regular performer at local bars, cafes, restaurants, festivals and weddings.

Currently studying a Bachelor of Music majoring in Popular Music at the University of Auckland, Rachel is spending time developing her songwriting and unique sound while in the final stages of preparing for her release of a live EP of original music recorded at Christchurch’s Orange Studio.